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About me

Myself with Int.Nord. S Fin Ch Mia's Phantasy Dream Team "Martin"


I am a Lhasa Apso breeder from Norway. I got my first Lhasa in 1979 and in 1983 I imported from England – Nordic. Fin. Uch. Winner 84, Hardacre Phanny, born 29.12.81 (e: GB Ch Saxonsprings Florence of Hardacre/Hardacre Kassis Kid)

She had her first litter in 1985 with Ch. Tintavon Baryshnikov, and I kept a male – Int. Nord. Fin. Uch. Winner 1987 / Norw. Winner 91, Mia’s Phrescott "Scotty".

In 1986 I bought a male from Frances Sefton (kennel Cheska) – Nordic Uch. Cheska Chandigarh "Chandi". I mated Phanny with Chandi and got 4 puppies (born 13.03.88). Three of them have been champions.

I kept a bitch, Int. Norw. Sved. Uch Mia’s Phemrose – "Top winning Lhasa in Norway 1989".

Her litter brother – Int. Norw. Swed. Uch Mia’s Phete Chablis – "Top Winning Lhasa in Norway 1991" and the 3rd one got Norw. Ch.

Ch. Mia’s Phemrose and Ch. Mia’s Philadelphia (litter-sister) got mated with Int. Uch. Saxonsprings Fol-De-Rol (Hackensack/Fresno) and I kept;

  • Int. Nord. Fin. Uch (Norw/Swed/DK/Fin Uch)  Mia’s Phatal Temptation "Florence"

  • Int. Nord. Fin. Uch (Norw/Swed/DK/Fin Uch) Norwegian Winner 94,

  • Top Winning Lhasa in Norway 1994 -  May-Song Ami-Tabha "Toby".

There are a lot of champions after Toby.